Research is hard work, it’s always a bit of suffering. Therefore, on the other side research should be fun.
— Anselm Strauss

Current projects

Milieu-specific Self-Views and Practices of Children, Parents, and Educators in Education and Care Settings of Early and Middle Childhood

The EDUCARE-study – funded by the Volkswagen Foundation – continues to be a big part of my research effort as a postdoc at Goethe University. The follow-up project “EDUCAREplus” (head: Tanja Betz) aims at a better understanding of the persisting social inequality in children’s school success. The main focus is on socioeconomic differences in attitudes, beliefs, and practices of children, parents, and educators with regard to education and care in early and middle childhood. For more information, please visit the project website.

Social inequality in children’s socio-cultural adjustment at school entry

I am currently working with Julia Tuppat (Freie Universität Berlin) to prepare a research project on children's non-cognitive skills and sociocultural adaptation at school entry. Our main objective here is to investigate how social class differences in family processes relate to different levels in children’s readiness for school and to children’s adaptation to school in the first years of primary education. While most studies focus on cognitive skills, test results, and emotional adjustment, we aim to concentrate on socio-cultural factors related to Bourdieu’s concepts of habitus and cultural capital.  

Comparison of websites of elite schools in Paris and London

While conducting a research visit to the sociology department at Sciences Po in Paris, I have started working with an international group of researchers – headed by Agnès van Zanten and Claire Maxwell – on a comparative project that is concerned with how elite schools in Paris and London market themselves on the web. In particular, we ask how these schools address prospective students and how they try to convey an elitist image via texts, videos and photos on their websites.