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EECERA conference in Budapest

Together with Tanja Betz (Goethe University Frankfurt) we will present ongoing research on social class patterns in early childhood in Germany with regard to parents’ views of parental responsibilities in their children’s education and care. We will also present data on young children’s enrollment in organized activities such as music lessons and athletic activities, which reveal profound differences in enrollment rates between different social classes. This research is part of the EDUCAREplus project.

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World Sociology Conference in Toronto

At the ISA conference in Toronto, I will present a paper on the educational strategies and beliefs of lower class parents in Germany as part of Karen Dooley’s and Catherine Doherty’s session on “Parents as Players in Meritocratic Competition”. I will talk about the current discourse on parenting in Germany and how these address parents from the lower classes as being deficient in their parenting efforts and therefore needing help from the state. Data from the EDUCARE-study show that disadvantaged parents actually share current notions of ‘good’ parenting to a higher degree than parents from more privileged groups. They also engage in a highly interactive parenting style, which I interpret as part of their struggle for social mobility.

Also at this conference, I distributed an early version of a paper that I am currently drafting with Julia Tuppat from Freie Universität Berlin, in which we investigate the role of kindergarten children’s non-cognitive dispositions on educational outcomes in grade 3 from a longitudinal perspective.

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Seminar talk at Sciences Po

I will be giving a presentation in the scientific seminar of the OSC at Sciences Po. The topic of the presentation will be the typology of family life and child-rearing practices during the elementary school years that I developed as part of my doctoral research based on primary data from the EDUCARE-study. Further information and a PDF of the abstract can be obtained from the Sciences Po website.

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to Apr 17

AERA annual meeting 2018 in NYC

  • AERA 2018 conference, Hotel Millennium Broadway (map)
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I am presenting two papers at the AERA conference. The first is on family processes during early childhood and how they influence children's non-cognitive skills at school entry. This is a round table presentation on Monday 16th, starting 12:25 pm.

The second presentation will cover part of my work on social class differences in family life during the elementary school years and how parents view their children's learning experiences at home. This presentation is part of a paper session held on Tuesday 17th of April. The two-hour session starts at 8:15 am.


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26th conference of the German Educational Research Association

  • University Duisburg-Essen, Campus Essen (map)
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I will be giving a presentation on elementary school children’s afternoon activities in various settings that are not supervised by adults. The research question that I am investigating with co-author Tanja Betz addresses the transmission of cultural capital within the family. We ask how children’s agency can be accounted for when conceptualizing family based inter-generational cultural reproduction. We will also present an exploratory path model showing how children’s own activities relate to broader socialization processes in the family and to their success in school. This research is part of the project EDUCAREplus and the data come from the quantitative questionnaire study that we conducted in 2012/2013 as part of the EDUCARE-study.  



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